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In the near future, virtual reality is king. The Segmentation Initiative (SI) was set up to create virtual copies of different periods and locations of the real world so that they could be preserved for posterity. Segment selection involves a complex cerebral algorithm that picks the best fellow visitors for you to spend your time with when you visit.

Paul's boss has sent him on a mandatory vacation to a "Segment", leaving the destination up to SI's Operators. The people he meets are...uh...worrisome, to say the least.

Maybe there was a bug in the selection program?



Standoffish yet playful...is she trying to catch a fish with her bare hands?


Studious, Sophisticated, Scared. Always cold.


Completely lacking in social grace. Friendly. Too friendly.

-Branching, interweaving paths

-Mystery with Lovecraftian and Cyberpunk themes

-A study in "what is real?", consequences, and depression

A special thank you to ysid, who provided the soundtrack.

Please contact us directly if you encounter any bugs, and we'll patch them right up!

Install instructions

1) Download

2) Install

3) Grant Admin Access

4) Play


SegmentationFault-1.1-win.zip 139 MB


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This game astonished me!! When Valentine got mad and opened those tabs and logged me out, it gave me a good scare! Honestly all of Valentine gave me a good scare and how she referred to me by my username.

May I ask how you did stuff like that? I'd love to do stuff like that, considering I'm planning a horror game in the same program. (Ren'Py)

um.... is this a horror game & if so how bad does it get I deffinately diddn't expect this when downloading this game

It's a bit scary? I wouldn't call it horror but I would call it unsettling. Some of the videos it brought me to were restricted though, so there might be a bit of gore. There is death, suicide, and dark themes.

just played and gonna do a mini series of it, amazing game. starting today at 17:00


link doesen't work

I really love the way this game messes around on your computer without being harmful. I really wish more people were brave enough to do that sort of thing.

Thanks! :) I'm amazed at how much antivirus software will let me get away with, honestly. I'd like to refine this approach in a polished, professional project in the future. Glad you enjoyed my bit of fun.