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This game astonished me!! When Valentine got mad and opened those tabs and logged me out, it gave me a good scare! Honestly all of Valentine gave me a good scare and how she referred to me by my username.

May I ask how you did stuff like that? I'd love to do stuff like that, considering I'm planning a horror game in the same program. (Ren'Py)

um.... is this a horror game & if so how bad does it get I deffinately diddn't expect this when downloading this game

It's a bit scary? I wouldn't call it horror but I would call it unsettling. Some of the videos it brought me to were restricted though, so there might be a bit of gore. There is death, suicide, and dark themes.

just played and gonna do a mini series of it, amazing game. starting today at 17:00

link doesen't work

I really love the way this game messes around on your computer without being harmful. I really wish more people were brave enough to do that sort of thing.

Thanks! :) I'm amazed at how much antivirus software will let me get away with, honestly. I'd like to refine this approach in a polished, professional project in the future. Glad you enjoyed my bit of fun.